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I am working as a “programmer analyst” at the Faculty of Arts, University of British Columbia. I try to take my job title as literally as possible, so I function as a “0.6 programmer” and “0.4 of everything else: idea driver, usability analyst, and architect.” I want to help shape and promote products that are useful and attractive, regardless whether I am the programmer or not. I did an M.Sc in Human Computer Interaction to learn the basics of usability, then continuously adapt the theories and wisdom learned at school to the realities of my work environment and the projects that I’m in.

My current position allows me nearly complete ownership and freedom in a (few) “experimental” educational technology projects, an advantage of smaller organization size. The challenges of smaller organization size are many: limited funding, convincing various levels of management and early adopters that certain ideas are worthwhile, growing a user base quickly (enough not to be defunded), and implementing the actual technology to a high enough level of quality. Overcoming these challenges yielded many, hopefully entertaining, stories to tell.

As this blog can be informal and rambling at times, please visit ca.linkedin.com/in/thomasdang for my condensed professional profile.

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