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Lemieux, V. L., Shieh, B. W. K., Lau, D., Jun, S. H., Dang, T., Chu, J., & Tam, G. Using Visual Analytics to Enhance Data Exploration and Knowledge Discovery in Financial Systemic Risk Analysis: The Multivariate Density Estimator. In iConference Proceedings. 2014.

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Lemieux, V., Popovsky, B., Dang, T. et al.: Visualizing an Information Assurance Risk Taxonomy, Poster. VAST. 2011)


Upcoming: 2015 New Media Consortium Summer Conference (June 9-11) – Don’t just upload your videos, annotate them!

GRAND & Boeing Visual Analytics Challenge Meetup – VA design framework and Fixed Income VA tool

VAST 2011, Boeing VAC Meetup – Several text analytics and visualization projects at the MAGIC lab, UBC

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