Fixed Income Visual Analysis Tool

The “FIVA” tool is my first attempt of non-trivial web development, aka. Baby’s first web app!

It was designed and implemented for a small asset management firm in Vancouver to help them summarize the health of client portfolios, and perform some fixed-income calculations. I used a participatory design process in this project, engaging the client in several 1-hour semi-formal meetings where we performed rapid paper prototyping, diagramming, and cross-education. They learned from me about usability and product design process, and I learned from them about their workflow and some basic tenets of the fixed income market, enough for me to use terminology on the interface accurately.

The project was presented as a talk at a Boeing Visual Analytics Challenge meetup, and so I created a video. Please pardon my horrible narration!

Special Thanks: Assisting me in the participatory design process, in order to bridge my gap in domain knowledge (finance, fixed-income), were two graduate students in UBC Sauder School of Business, Qianqian Yu and Yao Shen.

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