About Thomas Dang


Ok, so what is there to say for an intro. This is Thomas Dang’s personal blog. It is a bit promoting my own “brand” and a bit of self-reflection. I realize that I need somewhere to document my thoughts and ideas, showcase my projects, and share the lessons I learned from those projects, both to my future self and to anyone who might be interested in things like product development, entrepreneurship, and technology.

The project showcases is on the left menu. The post categories is on the right menu. The main conceptual difference is that the showcases are more for promotion, to reflect the latest state of what I worked on. The posts are about the journeys and observations, mostly project related, but sometimes also about people and processes.

Best regards, and thank you for reading.

Thomas Dang

P.s. As this blog can be informal and rambling at times, please visit ca.linkedin.com/in/thomasdang for my condensed professional profile.