Kaizen at Arts ISIT, UBC

I recently got an email from the university soliciting ideas for efficiency improvements, so it is a good time to document theĀ “kaizen” (continuous improvement) culture in my unit. For context, Arts ISIT has a small software development team, which I belong to. Our mandate is to support the T&L, research, and administration needs of our … Continue reading »

Hello! I’m Thomas Dang! Psst… Skip straight to the showcases (left) or themes (right) for more interesting stuff!

I am working as a “programmer analyst” at the Faculty of Arts, University of British Columbia. I try to take my job title as literally as possible, so I function as a “0.6 programmer” and “0.4 of everything else: idea driver, usability analyst, and architect.” I want to help shape and promote products that are … Continue reading »